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Initial Periodontal Exam

Your first visit at our office is very important in establishing a relationship with Dr. Leybovich. During this time, Dr. Leybovich will allow you to learn as much as you can about the specialty of periodontics and what he can do for you as a periodontist. During his initial examination, Dr. Leybovich will evaluate a naturally occurring space between the gum and the tooth. This space is called a probing depth or pocket depth. Ideally, this space should be one, two, or three millimeters deep. If it reaches a depth of 4 mm, then we begin to pay closer attention to the area. If the pocket depth reaches 5 millimeters or beyond, then active periodontal treatment will be necessary. Also, Dr. Leybovich will measure any gum recession that may be present and take into account how inflamed the gums may be. Combining the clinical examination with a radiographic evaluation, Dr. Leybovich will develop a periodontal diagnosis. At this time, if you have any missing teeth or teeth with severe periodontal disease that cannot be treated, Dr. Leybovich will offer you the option of dental implants to replace those teeth. Next, Dr. Leybovich will formulate an initial treatment plan. Generally, the initial treatment plan includes an appointment for scaling and root planing and a re-evaluation appointment 4-6 weeks later to re-examine the response to scaling and root planing. Upon leaving the office, you will schedule your scaling and root planing and re-evaluation appointments. Throughout this time, our goal is to keep your periodontal health a priority.